Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Valee - Seen That Before
(From 1988 mixtape; 2017)

AESTHETIC: MC Hammer meets Macintosh Plus.

REALITY: the 2nd best song Ca$h-Out has never made.

It's tempting to say that a song as short as Seen That Before could do with another minute on its bones, but this shit is already 13 seconds longer than the original version, and Dr. Frankenstein-ing a new verse on for the sake of it doesn't necessarily improve a song as proven by the extended version of the 1st best song Ca$h-Out has never made:

Valee - Shell
(From 12:12 mixtape; 2016)


Doffed cap to Drake and Drew for both pointing me in the direction of Valee. Shell can also be found on ya host's 2017 late pass playlist.


John Titor said...

What happens if you die in a living room? /music plays

Andrew Barber said...

welcome to the wave

Si Mane Price said...

Surfin' Chicago.

SE said...

Drake put me on to this gentleman. I dig it but haven't uncovered anything in his catalog that's as good as "Shell."

Si Mane Price said...

"Made the coupe fast just to get away from the cops"

Habibi said...

Acid, Dat Way from VTM

Habibi said...

Got no love for Shitty Bricc Baby but the collabo w/ Valee on his new LP is flame. Because of Valee, obvy.

Si Mane Price said...

I've grown quite fond of I Got Whatever too.